November 2004
Too Extreme For New Jersey
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The wrong kind of Republican
for New Jersey

The Challengers
This Week's Featured Candidate: Anne Wolfe

Every week until the election, we feature one of the four candidates challenging the extremist Scott Garrett.

Full Name: Dorothea Anne Wolfe
Party affiliation: Democratic Party
Resident of Mahwah. Former director of the Bergen County Improvement Authority (appointed by Republican county executive). Background in banking as a corporate trust officer for Bankers Trust Co. of New York.

Source: Bergen Record, 10/29/04

Candidate's statement:

Too many in Washington, including my opponent in the 5th District Congressional race, have forgotten the fundamental objectives of government: to protect our citizens, to preserve our natural resources, and to promote economic opportunity for all Americans. It's time to change business as usual in Washington.

Residents of the 5th District know too well the importance of protecting our citizens. Yet, despite sitting at the epicenter of the continuing threat of domestic terrorism, New Jersey lags near the bottom of states in per capita federal funding for homeland security. This is unacceptable. But it will not change so long as our representative in Congress makes partisan support of the president his only priority instead of doing what I promise to do: demand New Jersey's fair share of funds needed to secure our state's most vulnerable ports, reservoirs, and mass-transit systems.

Likewise, my experience and concern for the environment is unmatched by my opponent. As a Special Administrator of Enforcement for the EPA, I worked to hold environmental polluters accountable. As BCIA Chairwoman, I brought together experts from government and business for a Water Resources Summit to explore environment-smart, business-friendly solutions for preserving our most valuable natural resource. I firmly believe that a healthy environment and a strong economy are not incompatible.

Indeed, our beautiful District is blessed with some of the most affluent communities in the nation. However, the continued erosion of the American dream here and elsewhere impacts everyone's quality of life. I learned from my years of experience in the banking and financial industry that a sensible pro-growth economic policy is essential to nurture the strong and vibrant U.S. economy on which all our families rely. As citizens, we all work to balance our household budgets - so should Congress. I will oppose any mandated program that is not reasonably funded. The unfunded mandates my opponent supports directly contribute to the higher property taxes we are all struggling to pay.

On so many other issues, my opponent and I are far apart: I strongly believe in a woman's right to choose. I am committed to providing quality public education, better access to healthcare, and funding stem cell research to combat debilitative diseases including Alzheimer's. I believe that the Constitution is our democracy's bedrock, and should be protected and preserved from partisan tinkering.

My opponent's ultra-conservative voting record demonstrates that he does not share any of these views. His values and legislative priorities do not reflect the shared values and needs of the majority of the District. This election, independent thinking, fiscally conservative and socially conscious voters have a choice in the race for the 5th Congressional District, and that choice is clear. It's time for a change.


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