November 3, 2004
Too Extreme For New Jersey
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FAR RIGHT Positions

Supports Choice? No

Supports the Environment? No

Supports Civil Rights? No

Supports Education? No

Supports working families? No

Middle-East Peace? No

Assault Weapons??? Yes!

The wrong kind of Republican
for New Jersey

In 2002, Scott Garrett ran as a moderate, mainstream Republican. Two years in Congress have proven that nothing could be further from the truth.

Garrett looking pale in Washington

News Flash
BIG SOCIAL SECURITY RALLIES on April 26 - Tell Scott Garrett to take take privatization off the table.
New Jersey Citizen action is planning a rally outside Scott Garrett's eastern district office at 210 Rt 4 East in Paramus for April 26th at 4:30pm. Click here for details. There is also a rally at the western district office at 93 Main Street in Newton from 8-9am.

Other News
Scott Garrett gets another two years... But don't despair. We've proven that Garrett is about as vulnerable as a Congressman can get. We would love to believe that Mr. Garrett will now stand up for the voters in his district instead of the special interests. If that happens then our work is done.

But, most likely, Garrett will continue to do what he does best: Ignore the needs of Northern New Jersey while pushing a radical agenda that a majority of the Fifth District does not support. Should that happen, we will be there, to make sure he is held accountable for his actions.

Stay tuned...

Rep. Scott Garrett (NJ-5) claims to be a mainstream Republican. But on the record, he is one of the most radical of the right-wing zealots in the U.S. House of Representatives. He is out of touch with the values of a majority of the citizens of New Jersey's Fifth District, the people he is supposed to represent.

With considerable help from the extremist Club for Growth, Scott Garrett helped drive moderate Republican Marge Roukema out of the House seat she held for decades. Since taking her seat in 2003, his first-term voting record has been driven by an ideology that is out of place in our state. Scott Garrett is the Christian Coalition’s poster-boy in New Jersey. Garrett has voted against the entire New Jersey Congressional delegation - Republicans and Democrats - an astounding 43 times! His positions are so extreme that he doesn't publish his votes on his own website.

We publish his votes here because, as concerned citizens, we believe his constituents should know the real record of Scott Garrett. We have documented the sources and specific votes Garrett cast as a freshman congressman - votes that are so at odds with his constituents that he refuses to discuss them.



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This week's featured candidate:
Anne Wolfe

In the News

The Bergen Record endorses one of Scott Garrett's opponents: "Garrett... calls himself a 'mainstream tax-cutter,' but his voting record contradicts that claim." (10/29/04)

The Star Ledger endorses a Garrett opponent: "Garrett... is out of step with much of his district." (10/25/04)

The Herald News says someone other than Garrett would be "the better advocate for all the people of the 5th District." (10/25/04)

Where's Garrett? - Editorial, The Bergen Record, 10/1/04

Why is Scott Garrett hiding from his record?

Garrett is anti-abortion even when a woman has been violently raped or is a victim of incest. 70% of people in our district have said that they are pro-choice. Garrett voted for the so-called "partial birth abortion" bill even though that procedure was only performed in extreme cases including threat to the life of the mother. - 10/02/03.
See more on Garrett's record in Congress >>>

Against Women's Rights! The American Association of University Women gives Garrett a rating of 0. However, the extremist "Concerned Women for America" gives Garrett a rating of 100. Enemy of the Environment! Environmental groups give Garrett a rating of 10 or less, the worst environmental record of any politician in America since such ratings were introduced in the 1970's.
Against Civil Rights! 2 of the 3 largest civil rights groups in America give Garrett a rating of 0. Pro-Development and Against Wildlife! Wildlife groups give Garrett a rating of 11.
Far to the Right of New Jersey! The extremist right wing Christian Coalition gives Garrett a rating of 100. (0-100) Against Education! The National Education Association gives Garrett a rating of 17.
Commitment to Middle East Peace? Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel (JPPI) gives Garrett a rating of minus 2 on a scale of minus 7 to plus 9. Against a Woman's Right to Choose! NARAL and Planned Parenthood give Scott Garrett a rating of 0.
Pro Assault Weapons! The Brady Campaign to Stop Gun Violence gives Garrett a rating of 0. Against Working Families! Every major labor union in America gives Scott Garrett a below 30 rating.

(Ratings based on a scale of 0-100 unless otherwise noted)

See more on Garrett's record in Congress >>>

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© 2004 Dump Garrett Group was created by a group of concerned residents of NJ's 5th Congressional District. We are dedicated to educating the residents of this district on the real record of Scott Garrett.