November 2004
Too Extreme For New Jersey
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The wrong kind of Republican
for New Jersey

The Challengers
Previous Featured Candidate: Greg Pason

Every week until the election, we feature one of the four candidates challenging the extremist Scott Garrett.

Full Name: Gregory Pason
Party affiliation: Socialist Party USA
38 years old. Resident of Rochelle Park
Anti-racist activist and co-Chair of the NJ Local of the National Writers Union
Married to Andrea Pason for 16 years w/ one son, Trevor (10 years old)

Candidate's statement:

Greg Pason supports:

  • Healthcare for All -- a socialized heathcare system under workers and community control.
  • Economic Justice -- a guaranteed minimum income, steeply graduated income tax and the elimination of regressive "sin" and sales taxes.
  • Abolition of the WTO, NAFTA, IMF -- and other pro-capitalist/pro-corporate "free-trade" agreements.
  • Abolish the USA PATRIOT Acts -- and other repressive "anti-terrorism" legislation.
  • Reform the Criminal Justice System and Abolish the Death Penalty -- Jobs not prisons. Stop criminalizing victimless crimes.
  • Mass Transit -- expand the national rail system and nationalize the airlines. Retire diesel buses and build environmentally-friendly mass transit.
  • Workers' Rights -- stronger labor laws and the abolition of Taft-Hartley.
  • Education -- stop funding schools through state property taxes and start funding them through the federal income tax. Also, provide free post secondary education.
  • Peace and Anti-Intervention -- U.S. out of Iraq, and support the self determination of the Palestinian people. We must end all U.S. military subsidies to Israel.
  • Public Works -- a new Works Progress and Civilian Conservation Corp program.
  • Political Democracy -- public financing of campaigns and a constitutional right to vote, so voters can not be disenfranchised because of past convictions or discriminated against because of their ethnicity or the color
    of their skin.

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