November 2004
Too Extreme For New Jersey
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The wrong kind of Republican
for New Jersey

The Challengers
Previous Featured Candidate: Tom Phelan

Every week until the election, we feature one of the four candidates challenging the extremist Scott Garrett.

Full Name: Thomas A. Phelan
Party affiliation: New Jersey Conservative Party

Candidate's statement:

The Democratic and Republican Parties are not for the individual citizen whether voter or not. I'm a senior citizen and veteran of WWII & the Korean War and hate taxes. I'm also an expert in terrorism and crime. This is part of my main platform. I beleive a woman should have the right to abort in cases of rape, because the force and fear is still present and a person is allowed to defend themselves even in this case. I call it self-defense. As a former NYC Detective I'm against war weapons except for hobbists with blocked weapons at the muzzle. The environment is very important and has to be protected as is the protection of wildlife. I'm against Political Correctness and affirmative action which foments racial hatred. I believe teachers should be tested and supervised closely. I'm 1000% behind the Israelis and feel they should act as the US did in Iraq. God bless their patience in restraining themselves. We need Unions in many corporations and companies wherein women and ethnic groups are held back. Also where employee wages and healthcare are drastically in need of change for the better. Social Security is another horror that has to be investigated wherein Billions of dollars in surplus money has been stolen and placed in other areas of government. There's so much to be done.

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