November 2004
Too Extreme For New Jersey
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The wrong kind of Republican
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Today's Outrage
Garrett Cites Award from Extremist Lobbying Group

A recent campaign mailing from Garrett for Congress claims, "For his efforts, a national taxpayer organization has recognized Congressman Garrett as a 'Hero of the Taxpayer'." Significantly, the name of the organization which furnished the "award" is omitted from the mailing.

Is Scott Garrett embarassed about the company he keeps? He should be. The "award" he cites is from Americans for Tax Reform, a radical right-wing lobbying group. In Congress, Garrett voted with the extremist ATR a stunning 100% of the time, rather than representing his district. Former Senator Warren Rudman (a Republican) says, "Americans for Tax Reform is a wonderful-sounding name. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a front organization for Grover Norquist’s lobbying activities."

It's an outrage for Congressman Garrett to tell the voters that he received an award while refusing to identify its source. This is just one more instance where Congressman Garrett has proven, with his own words, that he has nothing in common with the voters in New Jersey's Fifth District.

Source: Garrett press release, February 11, 2004

Previous Outrages

Garrett Ignores Concerns Over Rising Property Taxes

While Scott Garrett campaigns as a tax cutter, he has a history of supporting increases in property taxes - a major concern of residents in the district he claims to serve. As a State Assemblyman in 2000, Garrett voted against $1 billion in property tax relief. In Congress, Garrett voted to underfund No Child Left Behind, leaving municipalities no option other than raising property taxes to close the gap.

Perhaps Garrett has no sympathy on property taxes because he has no firsthand experience with them. Garrett exploits a loophole to pay only $167 per year in property taxes for his 10-acre non-functional "farm" in Wantage.

We couldn't find anyone other than Congressman Garrett who could walk into their tax collector's office with their $300 federal "tax relief" check and walk out with $133 in change. Can you? Let us know at

Garrett Breaks New Jersey Tax Pledge

In his 2002 campaign, Scott Garrett said it was "disgraceful that... New Jersey ranks second in the nation in the amount of taxes we send to Washington, DC, yet only ranks 49th in the amount we get in return. I want to fix this problem - permanently."

FIX IT??? Under Garrett’s tenure in the House as a member of the influential Budget Committee, New Jersey has slipped two notches and now ranks 51st (after every U.S. state and the District of Columbia). New Jersey gets back a measly 62 cents for every dollar we send to Washington, DC. That’s far from a fix. We can’t go any lower! In Garrett’s own words, it’s disgraceful!!!

Garrett's Dismal Record on Education

Scott Garrett's claims that he would like to "ensure that every child receives a quality education" are not backed up by his actions. Garrett's rating on education from the National School Boards Association is tied for lowest score in New Jersey.

While many of the Fifth District's best schools are given failing marks as a result of the underfunded No Child Left Behind act, Garrett continues to assert that "America's education system has begun to thrive again." Yet Garrett prefers to home-school his own children, rather than subject them to the "reforms" he has supported in Congress.

Perhaps most telling is Garrett's previous support for abolishing the Department of Education. Is this the type of reform Garrett has in mind for our children? Call Scott Garrett and ask: (201) 712-0330.

Garrett's radical anti-choice position, clearly defined:

Rep. Scott Garrett has publicly stated that, if his own wife were raped and impregnated, he would force her to have the rapist's child, regardless of her feelings. - 2002

The frightening insensitivity of this position makes Michael Dukakis' answer to a 1988 debate question, regarding rape, from CNN's Bernard Shaw seem far more appealing by comparison!

"Fiscal Conservative" votes himself a nice pay raise!

In November of 2003, Congress voted itself a 2.2% pay raise when the country is running over $800 Billion in deficits in just the last two years.

They did this by tying the pay raise to raises for federal employees and MILITARY PERSONNEL!

However, when a representative from Utah offered an amendment to force Congress to separate its own pay raise vote from the others, allowing them to vote against their own pay raise without hurting MILITARY PERSONNEL, Scott Garrett voted down the amendment and passed his pay raise intact!

Apparently Mr. Garrett's fiscal conservatism doesn't apply when he is lining his own pockets!

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