November 2004
Too Extreme For New Jersey
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The wrong kind of Republican
for New Jersey

The Challengers
Previous Featured Candidate: Victor Kaplan

Every week until the election, we feature one of the four candidates challenging the extremist Scott Garrett.

Full Name: Victor Kaplan
Party affiliation: Libertarian Party
Born on May 10, 1978, in Kiev, Ukraine. In 1989, entered the US.
Education: BA in Pol.Sci from RU.
Current position: the Chair of the NJ Libertarian Party.

Candidate's statement:

I oppose Rep. Garrett's vote to fund the unconstitutional war in Iraq. I support a noninterventionist foreign policy, and a return of US troops home from over 100 countries. I oppose Re. Garrett's vote for a $2.4 trillion budget (3% increase) for fiscal year 2005. Thanks to Garrett's vote, the budget deficit is expected to top $550.7 billion dollars. I oppose Rep.Garrett's vote against striking the sneak-and-peak provision from the Patriot Act. I also oppose his endorsement of a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning and same-sex marriages. I support a system of individual retirement accounts, which would triple your income. I support a smaller, limited government, where the current level of excise taxes and tariffs would be sufficient to fund all constitutional functions of government. I support repealing the Income Tax. What would you do with $10,000? Would you give it to your favorite charity? Or would you use it to pay off your debt? Finally, the choice would be yours!

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